Saturday, 17 January 2015

A Global Movement

The Jewish people are more than just a State.  We are a collective entity whose influence is felt globally, far beyond the borders of the modern State of Israel.  Its true the State of Israel holds more Jews than anyother singe country,  but authentic Judaism in the modern age calls for a global movement where the individual Jew within the broader collective can feel his or her voice creating and changing the Nation’s future.
To truly change the Jewish People’s immediate situation, the necessity to look towards Israel as the center of World Jewry but not the exclusive representation of World Jewry is paramount for real sovereignty in a global sense.  To better understand how this can be achieved, one has to first accept that a Jew no matter where they are represents the true King, G-d.  Through a Jew’s actions his personal kingship is revealed in that place and with the personal kingship comes the National.  To the degree a Jew is connected to this idea he can extend the National boundry no matter where he is in the world.
For World Jewry to truly achieve it’s Divine potential we need a new outlook on sovereignty and global unity.

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