Monday, 25 June 2012

Bavel is Falling

The EU is the modern day Babel or Bavel.  After all they truly believe they are getting it right this time, but it seems just like before they reach their goal, their dreams are being dashed.  This Babel is crashing and may take the NWO down and with it the Malchut of Gog U Magog down as well.

Babel is a lashon of Bilbul or confusion.  When the confusion goes, the light of Mashiach can enter.

Eu Parliament, Purposely Fashioned After the Tower of Bavel

Artists Rendition of the Tower of Babel

Europe's Tower of Babel hampers euro solution

Originally posted in Yahoo Finance
By Paul Taylor
PARIS (Reuters) - As Europe considers a leap towards closer integration to try to save the euro single currency, it resembles the biblical Tower of Babel - unable to complete an ambitious project because the residents don't speak the same political and economic language.
The spotlight is on Germany, France, Italy and Spain, the euro area's four biggest economies, wrestling over proposals for a banking union, joint euro zone bonds and handing more control over national budgets and economic policy to the European Union.
But Europe's Babel features 27 often fierce national debates in member states, each of which has the power to block any change to EU treaties, including 10 countries which are not members of the currency.
Each national argument uses a different political vocabulary and historical context, making them hard to reconcile at the best of times and harder still when the going gets tough.
While investors are looking for quick, bold solutions to restore confidence in the euro, Europe's patchwork politics make rapid strides fearsomely difficult, if not impossible. Each major step is subject to ratification by national parliaments or referendums, which can easily trip the project up.
How the debate is framed may determine the outcome.
In Germany, it is a morality play about making profligate "deficit sinners" atone and do their "homework", instilling a "stability culture" (low inflation, low debt) and enforcing a "savings policy" (austerity). It is no accident that "Schulden", the German for debt, doubles as the word for "guilt".
To Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose frugal caution is lauded at home as embodying the virtues of a "Swabian housewife", the key to the euro's survival is to enforce the rules of budget discipline strictly and make Europe more competitive through economic reforms, not to dilute responsibility by sharing debt.
In France, it is all about "saving the euro" by showing more "solidarity" with southern countries, seen largely as "victims" of "speculation" rather than as fiscal villains.
The French see the single currency above all as a political rather than an economic project - a geopolitical status symbol, a potential trade weapon and a way of ensuring Europe punches its weight in a multi polar world, rivaling the dollar.
In recent weeks, the slogan of the nationalist French right after World War One - "L'Allemagne paiera" (Germany will pay) - has again been whispered in Paris, this time mostly on the left.
This struggle for the soul of Europe was encapsulated in an exchange between Merkel and French President Francois Hollande after talks with Italian and Spanish leaders in Rome last week.
"Where solidarity is given, control must also be possible," Merkel said. "Liability and control belong together."
Hollande replied: "There can be no transfer of sovereignty if there is not an improvement in solidarity."
Franco-German tensions are nothing new in the history of European integration. They were intense in the run-up to the creation of Economic and Monetary Union at the 1991 Maastricht summit, shortly after Germany was reunited.
But the balance of power has tilted towards Berlin, while the proliferation of new member states and institutions has multiplied the checks and balances at the risk of fatally slowing European decision making.
In Italy and Spain, the refrain is that the debt crisis is a problem for the whole euro area, not just for Rome or Madrid, and that it can only be solved by mutualising Europe's debts rather than imposing ever tougher austerity on debtors.
Spanish and Italian leaders seem at times to be trying to capture Merkel's attention by threatening economic suicide and warning that they could take the euro down with them.
With such different narratives, it is hard to see how the deep political commitment to preserve the euro zone, and even a growing awareness of the economic catastrophe that might follow a break-up, can generate decisive action to arrest the crisis.
A virtual tour of some smaller euro zone countries, whose voices are often heard only when they throw a spanner in the works or need a bailout, illustrates how hard it will be to build a consensus for a more federal system.
From Amsterdam to Athens, the political builders of monetary union and business leaders still believe in it wholeheartedly, and many lament the fact that construction stopped half way.
But a significant chunk of the electorate has turned against the euro, making it much harder for governments to endorse any major leap in European integration.
Mainstream politicians are adjusting as they look nervously over their shoulder at the rise of forces like Geert Wilders' Freedom Party and the hard-left Socialists in the Netherlands, the anti-euro Finns Party in Finland, Italy's maverick Five Star Movement and the far-right Austrian Freedom Party.
A first attempt to create an anti-euro party is under way in Germany, Europe's biggest economy and the main contributor to euro zone bailouts, but pollsters doubt the Bavaria-based Free Voters will make it into the federal parliament in October 2013.
Even in historically Europhile Italy - a country that long regarded "more Europe" as a desirable alternative to its own shortcomings in governance - the fast growing protest movement led by comic Beppe Grillo is outspokenly anti-euro.
Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who still heads Italy's main conservative party, has turned more skeptical since being ousted from power last November, saying on his Facebook page last week that "leaving the euro is not a blasphemy".
A Pew Research Center poll published in May found 40 percent of Italians want to go back to the lira, a notoriously weak currency that had lots of zeros at the end.
Europe's economic crisis has accelerated a splintering of the political landscape that makes it harder to form a coherent government in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. That could make ratifying any new EU treaty a nightmare.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Join Us Or Die

It has become clear that a great final push by the forces of evil is afoot in our Land. As chaos rages around the world, the government in Israel seems to be torn apart over five houses in Beit El.  Everyone knows this is not just about five houses, but whether or not the same procedure that has been used to relegate these five to "illegal status" can be applied to many thousands across Yesha.  But this too is a mere side point.

We are entering the final phase of the NWO (new world order) where in spiritual terms the Kingdom of Gog and Magog seeks to reign over the world.  There is one country in the way of that and that is Israel, especially the settlement enterprise in Yehudah and Shomron. The settlements give proof that G-d keeps his promises, that we have returned and that we are not the same as an ordinary Nation.  Yet, if the globalists can destroy our hope and dreams, we can be beaten.  To this end them employ the Erev Rav and ultimately they are the ones who we are at war with here in the Land of Israel.  Their power grows by the day and their strangle hold over everything seems unwavering. They are the puppeteers behind the Supreme Court and hold sway over the government.  More and more of the country is pulled in by them. One time admirable leaders seem to break and join their ranks, yet all is not lost

There is Light

The war of Gog and Magog at its essence is not about Iran, Syria, or Russia.  The war is really about our inner selves.  It is a war for the truth and it is fought on an internal, multi-world battlefield. Those of us who remain awake know that it is with faith and knowledge that we can win.  And this is why the Globalists seek to destroy those two weapons.  They distract us with their "entertainment" and pseudo intellectualism and with each soul they convince to stay asleep, they grow stronger.  

Speak And He Will Listen

Rebbe Nachman is the aspect of Yosef.  He lies buried in the Galut, in the darkest of lands and yet his light shines bright as he said it would towards the end.  Just like the original Yosef was the catalyst for the redemption from Egypt, Rebbe Nachman is for our redemption.  Rebbe Nachman fore saw all of this and knew our only way out would be to speak to G-d in a simple and pure faith. 

It is simple really; connect to the Creator or become sucked into the New World Order's version of a future Utopia, suffering a final spiritual death. We have only one true way left and that is to speak to our Father in Heaven.  He will listen.

Yes, it is true it seems that with Givat Ulpana we are entering a very scary phase, but we should be thankful that the Erev Rav has become unmasked once again and this time when they stick out their hands to have us join them we can turn to HaShem for strength, knowing that this is all but a shadow covering our path to redemption. The evil is being unmasked before our eyes, the shadows will dissipate and we will move onward to redemption.