Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Fallen King

There were so many pieces of Torah I wanted to write, but news has swept them away.

What do we do when our leader or King falls?  To give into the nations of the world, to succumb to the blindness of doubt, what hope is there for a leader who reverses course and releases terrorists just to sit at a table with another terrorist?

Our task is not to judge. After all the King of Israel is the heart of the nation and in our imperfect return all of our "kings" have been just that; a reflection of the level of the Nation itself.  We cannot judge for we are not standing where he is standing, in the test he has been given.

The Land of Israel is a whole entity.  It is one.  There is no division that can scar it, nor politician that can relinquish it.  Every Jew that settles the Land of Israel performs more than just a mitzvah, but expands the border of the Kingdom of Israel. Yet we live here in an imperfect entity, where many of us are enamored with the allure of present comforts, without the thought of the future.

Kingdom from within the State

Were at the end of time.  How long is left, is not clear, yet we are moving closer to point in time where "Jerusalem will be a Cup of Poison." At that point in time the shell or klipah which surrounds the Kingdom of Israel will fall away and the Nations of the World will realize the truth.

As the State of Yisrael breaks the Kingdom will emerge whole from within it. The true King will not fall like the leaders of today.  He will lead.  He will believe in the words of Isiah:  "All the nations are as nothing before him, they are accounted by him as less than nothing and emptiness." (40:17) and we will be comforted.

The test is for us as a Nation to believe in the same words and only then can we expect our leaders to do the same.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Collapse is On

The light of the Creator permeates all of existence as the creation is the direct expression of the Creator's will.  There are only two situations in the creation: Revelation or Concealment.  All of creation acts as a medium for these two expressions.  Galuth is the global situation which causes the light of the Creator to be concealed. What began as a physical exile turns into a spiritual one as the heart of the world (the Temple) became disconnected with it's counterparts in the above worlds (see Nefesh HaChaim, the first Gate). Without a Temple in this World, Am Yisrael no longer was able to be the Sovereign in its own Land and so the Temple's disappearance millenia ago was the direct catalyst to the disappearance of a sovereign Jewish entity here in the Land of Israel.

The concealment of the Creator's light left a world full of kelim (vessels), but these vessels became twisted and warped.  As the Galuth rolled on in History the Rabbis were able to harness Halacha as a National directive, but that only lasted as long as there were no other challenges to their legitimate leadership of Am Yisrael.

With the "breaking of the Ghetto walls" and the rise of the "enlightened gentile" Jews could no longer be counted on to follow the Rabbis and so even movements like Zionism, which started out as a directive from the Vilna Gaon, become hijacked by opposing "enlightened" forces.  These forces which spawned everything from Secular Zionism to Communism to Wilsonian Liberalism are none other than the Klipah of the Erev Rav.  This Klipa feeds off the Galuth. It uses the same vessels which are meant to be raised up when in the hands of Holy Men as tools for evil.  Zionism has become the preeminent example of this.

When Jews began streaming back in search of establishing a sovereign entity with the express purpose of furthering the redemption and building the third Beih Hamikdash, the Erev Rav knew that it was a life and death struggle for their existence.  So they did the most unthinkable thing, join the struggle to establish a sovereign state in the Land of Israel.

They convinced their Edomite masters to grant them leadership and in that way they would be in full power to prevent the movement and the rise of Moshiach ben Yosef.  The only issue with this plan was that coming back to the Land of Israel itself is one of the steps in the Geulah process.  By coming back some of the concealment prevalent in Galuth recedes and light shines brighter in the world.

Redemption comes in stages. In each stage concealment is lowered and the light of the Creator shines brighter.  The Erev Rav took a gamble and in that gamble allowed the redemption to move along in hopes that their control would be cemented here in the Holy Land.

Yet, their power along with the Statue of the Global Hegemonic Kingdom is now in collapse mode. The Erev Rav is evil and although tremendous forces are at work in the world we live in, the Erev Rav remain in control of the State of Israel and some of the highest halls of power across the globe.

We cannot destroy the Erev Rav by going against them directly.  They have succeeded in controlling the agenda for the Jewish people over the last 150 years or more and the multitudes of our brethren, even religious ones pulled into their orbit.  Our war is more than a war over Land, it is cultural war.  The Erev Rav seek to draw Western culture into Am Yisrael's "belly" in hopes that it remains base and low...too low to realize it's holy potential.

We can only take control of the Geulah when we break free of reliance on the West.  The more we see through the West's hypocritical use of expressions like "freedom" or "equality" then we open our minds to follow the true path.  This is the path of Torath Yisrael, which is the true Torah given to our master and teacher Moshe Rabbeinu.

By connecting to the will of the Creator we will have the strength to resist the temptation of false Western freedoms and help rid our Land and region of Western control. The global realization that the "freedom" they have is false has spurred uprisings throughout the globe. The Creator light bursts forward in the most unlikely ways as movements that are both anarchist and leftist have become the greatest tool to help collapse the "Evil Empire" of Edom. As the mask of Galuth falls away our ability to see the light of the Creator will magnify and we will see how now this period of time of global turbulence was necessary to force the collapse of those powers seeking to halt the redemption and extinguish the light of G-d from our planet.