Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Armilus Rising (Redux)

The light shines forth, ready to flow to the four corners of the Earth from the "House of G-d."  Emunah is growing and the Tree of Life grows stronger within the Land.  We are close. The Global Security State seems about to fall and with it the Kingdom of Gog U Magog (NWO).  Bavel is crashing and Mitrayim is raising it's veil from upon our minds,  Yet the Erev Rav want one more go around.  Armilus is Rising, he is not finished just yet.  Now just before the great Shabbat, Armilus wants one more turn to stop the Geulah and the full redemption of Am Yisrael and mankind.

Guess whose back?!

Acquittal Qualifies Olmert to Lead  A New Left of Center Bloc - Debka
After verdict, Kadima MKs back Olmert's return to politics -JPost

From Jpost

Emunah is key! Our world is about to get a bit rockier.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sun is Setting on the USA and the West

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is a fallen shadow of its former self.  The world is changing fast and the cultural emptiness that has simmered for years underneath the surface in America has boiled up and revealed the hollow shell which has always been there.  The ligh of redemption is hidden within the Klippot of the world in which we live, but Edom is empty, as the Midrash states, "'...darkness on the face of the deep' refers to the Evil Kingdom" otherwise known as Edom.

The world is world built on the four Kingdoms of our exile.  In order for the redemption to commence, Edom being the sum total of all exile's before it must fall.  In that as the Maharal says in Ner Mitzvah will translate in Edom "returning the crown of Torah to Am Yisrael."

Yes, the world seems like its crumbling, but a new world is being born and we are here to witness it's birthday!

Stay tuned...it's coming!