Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Eighth...

Tonight is Zot Chanukah.  It is the Eighth, the point in time where reality meets the divine.  The Maharaal in Tiferet Yisrael likens the Torah  to the Eighth.  The Torah is divine and it is that with which we refine ourselves and the world around us.  In a sense it is this that the Hashmonaim were fighting about.  The Yavanim (Greeks) believed in only what they saw and could rationalize. They believed in an intellect unguided by revelation.  The Torah is beyond that, it  represents the fusion between the divine and the physical.  It is our brit with the Creator which forces us to draw the divine light into reality through out actions. We believe in "Moshe K'Bal Torah M'Sinai." K'Bal...Receive.

Zot Chanukah is the culmination of the increasing kedushah.  It is one beyond the completion of 7 and yet that moment of moving beyond the natural order is more than just a digit, it is one that is complete change.  Ultimately that is the idea behind Moshiach.  He is like us, flesh and blood, but he is beyond.  In a sense his anointment with oil is our anointment, for he is "the heart of the Am."  One moment we are a nation with a heart of stone and the next moment we are one with a heart of flesh.  Redemption is about moving from the seventh to the eight.  We are still here, the natural order is unchanged, but inner clarity is complete and beyond.

The Midrash says points out while Moshe was the seventh, it was David who was the eighth and it is David who will reign at the end.  More than complete, a fusion of the divine and physical, a clarity of our covenant, and renewal of our Kingdom.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Our Land

It has begun.  Our Land yearns for the truth bound up within it.  It's holiness is unbounded, unfurled in front of the world.  With each new hill that is settled, claimed, the ancient Israeli returns.  No force can stop it and no power can subdue it. The argument and fight between a government that weakens in the face of world pressure and denies true Zionist heroes a house has now witnessed the children born after Oslo come of age.  No more flowers and no more hugs.  These are the children who witnessed Amona and saw that they must steer a different course. Is there a surprise?  The government knocks down homes of Jewish patriots and pours money into the modern Plishtim, the nation that is not a nation.

There is a force that is rising.  It is angry and in pain.  This is the force of the Supernal Mashiach ben Yosef imbued in the Land and that has fallen asleep in recent years.  However, the ancient Israeli has awakened, anew, alive.  "Shake yourself free, rise from the dust..."

The Final Act
Meanwhile the Kingdom of Gog U Magog is coming.  It is positioning itself on the East Side of the Jordan.  This is the Land of Gilead, the home of Eliyahu HaNavi and well inside the Land of Israel. Yet the real Israel is rising.  Authentic in spirit, free of the idolatry of Liberal Democracy.  The world will come because they cannot handle a Nation who returns to its true roots and source and does not bow tot he Bavel of Globalism.

These false leaders and peacemakers are trying to stop the final revelation of the Creator's light that comes with the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash and anointing of our true king and the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin.

We must settle new hills and build more houses and not let those forces who seek to prevent the complete Geulah and the full realization of the Creator's countenance from doing so.