Thursday, 1 March 2012

Efraim My First Born

Yesterday was our son's brit.  He is our fourth child and our third boy.  We named him Efraim.  There were many reasons for this.  Aside from Efraim being the name of my step-father in law's father, who came to Israel in 1947 from Morocco, Efraim is also according to the Vilna Gaon, the foundation of Geulah. It is he that brings us home. He inspires us to come back and builds the foundation of the final Malchut.

Yehoshua was from Efraim and after it was Yehoshua that defeated Amalek so many years ago.  At the end of days Efraim or better said Malchut Efraim (for Efraim is a movement and a concept more than anything else) will defeat Amalek in order to pave the way for the one true Melech to finish the Malchut that Efraim began.

It seems we rest on the cusp of history, where the final phase of our prophets future tales become present and our dreams become reality.  There is a Haman once more and the Malchut Efraim has risen.  It has stood up despite its deficiencies from the ashes of the Holocaust of 70 years ago caused by that generation's Amalek. It will stand victorious, a kingdom without a king, with Jerusalem as it capital, the true "City Upon the Hill." Amalek will fall and the king will return.  After all the story has been told before.  Efraim is the leader, the one who is concerned for his brothers and Dawid is the king who rules upon all of them.

May our son and everyone else witness the complete fulfillment of our sages prophetic visions this year.