Thursday, 3 July 2014

Anti-Semites Are Not Welcome Here

After a year hiatus I am writing an extremely blunt post that needs to be said:

Am Yisrael has suffered tremendously in the past few weeks.  We have lost three holy souls to Arab hate.

The two men below took three days to issue a condemnation for the kidnapping our boys and yet when an Arab teenager is killed the same two men rush to blame and condemn it as a nationalistically motivated crime, even though that is not confirmed...not even close.  If the disparity between the two reactions does not reveal an innate antisemitism...I don't know what does.  Spreading a blood libel using today's technology is no different than what the Arab and Christian world has done during our exile.

These two men are our enemy as well as the entire US gov't.  They spare no time in spreading libelous comments on Israel while accepting the narrative of our enemies.  This puts America on our enemy list until these two and the others running the USA gov't are removed.

I will say this loudly: Barak Obama and John Kerry are not welcome on our holy soil.  I cannot do anything about how our gov't acts in kissing up to you, but I and many others like me are calling you out as the anti-semites you are. Please do not come to our are not welcome here.