Thursday, 17 November 2011

Solutions to Our Conflict

The Nation of Israel has returned to its Land, yet we have been afraid to extend full control over our rightful inheritance.  Why is that? Essentially we lack belief/emunah.  We have long ceased to nurture the inner fire of our redemptive spirit that so pushed the founders of our nascent State.  Whether they believed in a "religious" sense isn't the point, they understood they were part of a profound change in the situation of the Jewish people.  Our generation fails to grasp that we are also part of an amazing historical current, which is flowing to a more perfect world.  We have lost sense of this so much that we are willing to part with areas of our inheritance and give it away to those who lack an historical, just, and most importantly G-dly claim.  There can never really be a two state solution, because a two state solution posits that our Land can be divided, which it cannot.

Thankfully there are those pushing for more than just the same peace slogans, and are getting the idea of one indivisible united Israel out on the table.  We must prepare in our minds and souls for a new approach. For believers in our cause there is only one solution: The One State Solution.