Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Role of Yosef

Closing In

We understand very few things about the End of Days, yet what we do know is Am Yisrael will be residing in it's own Land again when the Nations of the World unite against her.  We often think of our secular leadership as far removed from the concerns of "Torah" but that viewpoint is an outgrowth of the Galuth. We know that every Jew is connected to the Land of Israel and it is here that one's perspective can expand passed and understand the National Paradigm within the Daled Amoth of Halacha and of course reach a much higher level of Emunah.  Eretz Yisrael is our rebirth both in the physical and spiritual sense.  Leaders here do strange things that are many times out of character for them.  This applies to those who do not publicly lead Torah lifestyles as much as it does the observant.

This brings us to Mashiach ben Yosef.  We understand that this Mashiach has two aspects.  One is the physical conquering and building of the Land of Israel and of course protecting Am Yisrael here.  The other aspect is a spiritual one, which can be seen in the guise of the Tzaddik and most importantly the Tzaddik once he has already passed from this world.  Where do we see this paradigm in Torah. We see this in Yehoshua bin Nun (descended from Yosef) and of course the Aron of Yosef in whose zechut Am Yisrael not only crossed the Yom Suf, but the Yarden as well.

Coming Full Circle

In a sense these two roles are not bound to one individual, but would be most logically be carried out by two individuals, one the Tzaddik who has passed and the other a person who is willing to stand of to the leaders of the world.  The second role is a reoccurance from the time Hezkiahu HaMelech and Sancherev, which the Gemorah in Perek Chelek of Sanhedrin says is the blueprint for Gog U Magog.  Hezkiahu stood up to Sancherev only when Jerusalem became the focal point and that is when the miracles occurred.

The physical Mashiach ben Yosef is set to push off the physical Klipah of Edom, while the spiritual Yosef takes care of the spiritual Galuth by inculcating in the Am Torah style Emunah.

It is becoming clearer and clearer who is playing these roles, but at the end only HaShem knows exactly whose who.

As Chanukah 5773 is upon us Am Yisrael should be blessed connect to the true Tzaddik and walk upright in it's Land and by doing so merit the complete Geulah!