Sunday, 11 August 2013

Put Upon Yourself A King

In the deepest part of our soul is the point where the individual consciousness fades away and the national expression begins.  That deep internal place is where we remain pure, whole. The exile severed the relationship between person and Nation and replaced it with an emptiness not yet replaced. In the emptiness that exile brought upon us exists our individual desires and drives.  The Land of Israel and the State are the first steps back towards finding a National Consciousness, but individual concerns and desires out way the National Good.  Of course this description has often times been placed on the communities in Yehuda and the Shomron.  How many times have we heard that they must be sacrificed for "National Good." That is just it though.  A Nation which is whole never sacrifices a part of it's Land.  It never reserves the right to tell another where to live.

At the end there will be no peace or even a lull.  Sacrificing our fellow brothers' and sisters' homes and lives so the other can continue to live a "comfortable Western life," is just another form of personal self interest over the true National Good.

The light fades.  It dims with every concession.  It darkens with every giving into our enemies demand.  Our enemies, both in the Middle East and in North America and Europe do not want peace, they want to remove a problem. This problem is the Jew.  It has always been the Jew and for them will always be the Jew. In the past the Jew was wandering and so he was lowly, reminding the world of morality and G-d.  Now he no longer wanders and reminds the World that the Nation of Israel lives and the G-d of Israel is a living G-d whose light flows through the World.

Redemption is upon us.  It began when the first "settlers came home over 120 years ago and it continues now.  The World wants us dead.  They want our holy places and even more important they want us to give up our holy places.  At the end we will win, for G-d has returned us to our borders.  No matter the struggle now at hand, those enemies of ours whether they pray to Mecca or prop themselves up as a God in their little White House across the Atlantic will be destroyed.

We appear without a King, yet everyday we say Shema Yisrael HaShem Elokeinu HaShem Echad. Baruch Shem Malchuto, L'Olam VaEd.  His Kingdom reigns forever.  He is our King.  And HaShem the Creator of the World who kept his promise and returned us to our Ancient Heritage will always be our King long after the Obama's and Abbas's of the world disappear.