Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Mask Has Dropped

I have not written on this blog in some time.  The world seems to have grown increasingly more unstable as the transition between the world of Esav's hegemonic control through the Westphalian System of nation states falls apart.  As the USA recedes the vacuum created is a space of opportunity.  Yet, this is the most dangerous time.  It is a time when the modern Rome can go from just a bystander in future world events to one which attempts one last ditch hope to prove the need for its future existence.

The revelations this week about the scope and breadth of NSA surveillance in the USA should be a message to everyone that the emperor no longer has clothes.  The USA is now transformed into the very nation it always claimed to be fighting against.  All of its claims are now gone.  The mask has dropped and so has the pleasantries.

John Kerry and his ilk have stepped up threats.  MAKE PEACE OR ELSE.  Of course his minions here have continued to support such insane propositions.

Both Am Yisrael and Esav seek boundaries.  Am Yisrael uses boundaries throughout Halacha to create space for holiness or kedushah.  Esav does the opposite.  They seek boundaries in order to rid a space of all holiness.  After all, for the West all boundaries are holy and if all boundaries are holy, then nothing really is holy.

Dividing the Land of Israel at the End of Days is the last hope for Esav as it becomes irrelevant.  Esav hopes now to prove its relevancy by showing that Israel is the same as all other nation-states, but that is where it fails. Israel is more than the boundaries of the State.  Am Yisrael or Malchut Israel exists on a global level.  The boundaries of Eretz Yisrael and outward are just delineations of holiness within the framework of the global Kingdom. Our nation has power as a nation in Eretz Yisrael, but its reach is global for Halacha works within all boundaries, even if each boundary has apparent gradations in holiness.


So now we are at the End.  Rome is now revealed as evil andas  hypocritical as it's enemies and with its march to irrelevancy, the borders that had been declared post WW1 as sacrosanct across the indigenous regions of the West's former colonies are falling apart.

As the borders around us become meaningless,  the Middle East's indigenous peoples seek to rectify the sin of Western Imperialism.  Within this context our own people have an opportunity to break free of our modern colonial masters.  The war between the forces of Mashiach ben Yosef and the Erev Rav and of course their Western masters is entering it's final phase.

After all, the Tzipi Livni has declared that we must choose between democracy and Torah.  I for one choose the latter. Of course that is the struggle.  The Creator has made our choice simpler, since the West we always admired no longer really exists, if it ever did to begin with.