Friday, 29 July 2011

Default, Downgrade, and the Redemption (Part 3)

A Post Gog U Magog World

I have been of the opinion that George W. Bush was Gog.  Now you are going to ask: What about the invasion of Israel and division of Jerusalem as Yechezkel fortold?

It is very important to understand that Yechezkel’s timeline of events of the Redemption starting in the 36th chapter are very allegorical.  It is clear they are written to convey deep points about the end of days and the process that unfolds.  In chapter 38 Gog leads the nations of the world against us in fact he is called Nasi (Prince or President). 

When one looks at the events surrounding George Bush he clearly fought wars against the Arabs and Muslim world as most commentators suggest will happen at the end.  These same commentators then say that at the end they will join forces against us. 

When was that you might ask.  That was at the Annapolis Conference on the 27th of November in 2007.  The nations of the world gathered together to divide Jerusalem and Israel.  Our government was led by Ehud Olmert and Shimon Peres (with of course Livni and Barak in toe) probably the most revealed and public members of the Erev Rav.  Yet we made it through.  Even the Toldos Aharon Rebbe predicted that everything would fall apart from then on out.  He used the word Naphal because it is the root of the word Annapolis.  Nov. 27th was right before the economic crash of the Western World and America.  George Bush came to Israel twice in 2008 and both time with a large entourage.  The economic collapse was well underway by his second trip and even more so after it. 

The Kingdom of G-d

The Kingdom of G-d comes not from the four kingdoms, but in place of them as Daniel describes it as a stone which comes smashing the statue of the four kingdoms to pieces.  Essentially what is happening is the fall of the New World Order and the Four Kingdoms.  This is happening financially and directly after the events against Israel in 2008.  The world has been in a tailspin since then and the world economy has been unraveling.  At the end of this process which is being sped up now with the very real possibility of a default and downgrade in the USA will be a world without the coverings and restraints and what we will see is a full revelation of HaShem’s light.

The Weapon of Moshiach

Rebbe Nachman states in the second Torah of Lekutei Mohran: “The essential Weapon of Moshiach will be prayer. “ All the events we are witnessing are coming about now because the Moshiach is here and is praying for the unraveling of the “Evil Empire” and the revelation of the Creator’s light.  He is fighting the “Wars of HaShem” with his mouth and we are witnessing the outcome in reality.  At the end of the break down he will be revealed and he will teach us how pray with nothing holding us back. We know that according to the Rambam that he goes in the way of Torah like King David his father.  King David was the master of prayer and that is the Torah and Weapon of the Moshiach.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Default, Downgrade, and the Redemption (Part 2)

Gog U Magog and the New World Order

In the introduction of Netzach Yisrael the Maharal titles Gog U Magog a kingdom.  To understand this point further and of course to acclimate ourselves with the identity of this Kingdom and its function at the end of days we can use the Arizal who points out that the Gematria of Gog UMagog is 70.  This mirrors the 70 nations of the world.  These 70 nations have sought for the entire world’s existence to control and run things, yet have failed due to their infighting. Rebbe Nachman in Torah 36 of the Lekutei Mohran points out that it is these 70 nations which our souls descend into as they are the dark side of the 70 souls of the collective “House of Israel.”  Rebbe Nachman points out that the primary weapon that the 70 nations use to pull us down is sexual indecency. To understand where we are in relationship to the events of Gog U Magog we must understand the concept of Exile and Redemption.

To Reveal G-d’s Light

The concept of Redemption is actually a lifting off or removal of the control of the 70 nations.  This control or covering has been ongoing since the exile into Bavel (translated as confusion).  Since then there has been 4 central Kingdoms in history as pointed out in the prophecy of Daniel.  These four Kingdoms are Bavel, Persia, Greece, and Rome.  Each was built on the ruins of the other and in prophesying on them Daniel uses the image of a giant statue. It is this statue and the apparatus that has been built around it which has smothered the light of the Creator in the World.  Redemption requires a removal of this statue and world control in order for HaShem’s light to shine forth.

As Rome in its current visage as the Western World has realized that it’s power is diminishing it has tried to set up what many have called the New World Order.  This began to come into existence shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union and the 1st Persian Gulf War.  This New World Order has spread through the world by way of finances and humanistic global education.  Moral relativism and political correctness have reigned supreme in the ensuing years and with a rise in a lack of traditional morality and family. 

This is Gog U Magog and the goal is to cement the “statue of the four kingdoms” onto the Earth.  The midrash in Esther Rabbah says that the Kingodom of Gog U Magog tries to do what all the other enemies of the Nation of Israel failed to do and they do it by trying to cut our connection with the Creator. 

Yet, despite all the issues surround us, there is hope and oddly enough it rests with the obvious collapse of the New World Order and the Western hegemony over us.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Default, Downgrade, and the Redemption (Part 1)

There has been much clamor made on the many Geulah and Moshiach forums about the cosmic mincha gedolah.  Of course there seems to be some discrepancy on which date it is supposed to be.  Most gedolim have held that it is the first of Av of this year and a minority have suggested it is the 25th of Tammuz.
I want to first say that I believe the date has significance, but that we shouldn’t be caught up with trying to find out what “climactic event” occurred on either of those two days.  Our emunah is based on HaShem running events the way he sees fit and not trying to impress on them what we want.  Meaning, trying to pigeon hole the tremendous and transformative events of our time period into predefined time frames can be a downer.

That being said I want to focus on what I believe is the significant event or series of events happening over this period of time.  Everyone has watched and seen how the real possibility of an American default and downgrade has increased in the past few days.  A seeming sense of insanity has rippled through Washington, D.C. as the divisions have only grown.  I for one have believed it was going to go this way for a few months, but it has grown apparent to all in the last few days.  Yet, what does this mean for Geulah/Redemption?
These are the issues I want to tackle in the coming posts:
  •         Gog U Magog
  •         The Four Kingdoms
  •        New World Order
  •         The Weapon of Moshiach

Each of these could be a post unto itself, but I will break it down into two posts following this one.  Before I close with this introductory post I want to reiterate what the Tzaddikim have said about what we are going through and that ultimately we need Emunah.  It will get scary for all of us but we must know that everything is for the best and for our own good!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Moshe-Mashiach: From the Dust I will Arise

Today is Gimmel Tammuz.  It is the day that HasShem stood the sun in its place for Yehoshua bin Nun and it is the day that the light of the world, the Moshe of the generation was "seemingly extinguished."   The Lubavitcher Rebbe's yartzheit is a very powerful day.  It signals in many ways a transitionary period between galut and geulah.  Yet, what is the connection between the Rebbe and Yehoshua bin Nun, and why is this connected to our redemption?

The role of the Moshe in every generation is to inject the Nation of Israel with the light of Torah.  The Moshe has what is called the "collective soul."  In other words he has a conscious interaction with our National soul called Knesset Yisrael.  It is through this interaction that he can see and direct the National enterprise.  As redemption has moved closer, the Moshe has become more and more revealed. According to the Ari there is a role at the end of Galut for the Moshe-Mashiach.  The Rebbe made this clear in many sichot and of course we understand his last ma'amer (dissertation) as a direct reference of his connection to this role.

The Rebbe's torah is the blue print or cosmic understanding of Mashiach and Geulah (similar to Rav Kook's Torah being connected to Eretz Yisrael and our National rebirth).  It is the pure potential Mashiach consciousness waiting to be expressed and actualized into reality.  This can and will happen in Eretz Yisrael.   As it says in Lecha Dodi: "I have awoken, from the dust I will arise."  The dust here is the life giving dirt of Eretz Yisrael, where the Torah of the Moshe-Mashiach will become actualized (Rav Yitzchak Ginsburgh - Malchut Yisrael Vol. 2).

Yehoshua the Actualizer

It is known that Yehoshua was compared to the moon and Moshe to the sun.  Moshe could have come into the Land of Israel if we had merited it, but we didn't and instead the Torah remained in potential only until we entered.  Yehoshua remained the servant of Moshe even after he entered the Land, and it was in this capacity that he began actualizing the Torah of Moshe.  In this sense it is the miracle of the sun which symbolizes the actualization process of the Torah of Moshe.

David the Builder

The process of Malchut Yisrael took 400 years from the redemption of Egypt to actualize and build.  It is this actualization process that Yehoshua started and David (and his son Shlomo) nearly finished with the building of the Beit HaMikdash. As we have begun the journey along the process of Geulah, the Torah of Mashiach and redemption has moved from potential to actualization, from the Moshe to the David.  Gimmel Tammuz represents that transition.  We are somewhere along that path and although we find ourselves home we have yet to fully begin our task of building our Malchut Yisrael.  May this Gimmel Tammuz remind us that it is not enough to live in the consciousness of the Mashiach, but we need to actively actualize it in order to witness its full revelation.

Monday, 4 July 2011

"...the Midianites came up..."

ג וְהָיָה, אִם-זָרַע יִשְׂרָאֵל--וְעָלָה מִדְיָן וַעֲמָלֵק וּבְנֵי-קֶדֶם, וְעָלוּ עָלָיו.

3 And it was, when Israel had planted, that the Midianites came up, and the Amalekites, and the children of the east; they came up against them;

(Shoftim 6:3)

The struggle over the Land of Israel is an intrinsic part of the furthering of the redemption of Israel and thus the entire world.  Every piece of Land we settle and inhabit draws light and life into the earth and infuses the particles with G-dliness. The inverse is also true...every piece of the Land of Israel that is taken away from us and settled by our enemies and those which seek to remove Israel from its Land draws impurity and darkness into the earth and stalls the redemptive process.

This is why the non-Jewish nations in the area of Israel in the time of Gideon sought to take our Land when we planted. It was this planting which restores the inherent G-dliness to the soil and in turn furthers the building of Malchut Yisrael (the Kingdom of Israel).  So too today we have a similar problem.  We have come home to settle and to live and whether subconsciously or consciously we are aware that we are building a Kingdom of G-d and yet our enemies close by with the help of those abroad and those among our Nation who have lost their way seek to take our Land from us.

Below are some pictures that I took just before Shabbat of new illegal Arab buildings 100 meters from the road descending to our community.  The attempt is clear and is a planned effort to choke our community of 62 families off from the main North South road between Beer Sheva and Jerusalem.

These are three of the 7 Arab Houses close to the turn off
Behind me are the above houses. Ahead is my car and the turn off to our Community to the left or to the right back to the main road.
Bani Nayim...the Main Arab village near us has expanded rapidly with help from Saudi, American, and European funding

To understand the significance of the juncture, the top of the hill is about 1000 meters above sea level.  Our community Pnei Hever/Maale Hever is located at 810 meters above sea level.  The top is believed to be the place where Avraham and Lot stood and gazed out at the Land, dividing it (Lot getting Ever HaYarden and Avraham getting Canaan.)  Although the Arabs call the top the Nebi...I would like to rename it Mitzpe Avraham and in truth when hiking or driving up to the top there is a beautiful area (the IDF has a pill box there) to look out and gaze out onto the Dead Sea Valley, the Moav Mountains, Karmel, Maon, and more.

With the help of the Almighty we can reclaim our Land and reset our redemptive course towards the full revelation of Mashiach.